What is a Decorative Concrete Overlay?

A Decorative Concrete Overlay ( DCO ) is a polymer modified cement.  It can be used both for beautification of a concrete slab, or restoration of a spalled / scaling, or discolored concrete slab.  The Decorative Concrete Overlay can provide a protective and durable coating to the concrete slab. The DCO will double the durability of the concrete surface.  The DCO is waterproof, so no water can penetrate the surface to cause further problems.

How Long Is The Lifespan of a Decorative Concrete Overlay?

The Decorative Concrete Overlay  ( DCO ) if maintained and resealed properly, becomes a permanent topping to the existing concrete slab and can last 20 years and beyond.    To maintain the overlay it should be resealed approximately every 5 to 7 years.  We provide this service.

How Thick Is The Decorative Concrete Overlay?

A typical Decorative Concrete Overlay ( DCO ) is applied at 1/8 “ thickness.  However, some applications could be a slight bit thicker.   It varies depending on the method of application and whether the installation is interior or exterior.

How Do I Clean My Decorative Concrete Overlay?

Pressure Washing is the best way to clean the overlay in the spring.  After the initial cleaning, household cleaners such as “Simple Green” or “Windex” are great for spot cleaning of spills and other stains, followed with a good rinsing with a garden hose.  For interior areas, it is recommended to use a mild detergent or PH neutral cleaners.  Do not use bleach.

What If My Concrete Has Existing Cracks?

If the concrete slab has existing cracks, they can mirror up thru the overlay.  If the concrete slab develops a crack due to settling or erosion from water ( moisture ), that will cause the overlay to crack.  Cracks, however, can always be touched up during the reseal / maintenance process.

How Long Does A Normal Installation Take?

A normal installation usually takes 2 – 3 days to complete depending on the size of the area and the design being installed.  After the installation, you would want to plan on a 24 hour curing time for foot traffic, and 72 hours curing time for vehicular traffic.

How Is The Overlay Priced?

The overlay is priced by the square foot, with the border design being priced by the linear foot.  If there is a sealer, mastic, or any other bond inhibitors present, there will be and additional charge to remove this from the concrete surface.